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Jeremy Bailey

Jeremy Bailey, ‘Public sculpture’ (2009)

Above is Bailey’s introduction to his public sculpture project, conceived while at the Shargorod residency in the Ukraine.

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Ivan Argote

Ivan Argote, ‘Retouch’ (2008)

Also, have a look on his website Paper, Scissors, Rock

Julien Bismuth


Julien Bismuth, ‘The saddest funniest sculpture in the world’ (2007)

The saddest funniest sculpture in the world’ – Performance.


‘The saddest funniest sculpture in the world’ – Installation view.

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Simon Faithfull


Simon Faithfull, ‘Accident book’ (2009)

Accident Book is an intervention in eight Accident and Emergency wards across London and Cambridge. The book tells the story of 33 accidents that befell the writer over a period of 42 years.

From June 2009 onwards, people waiting for treatment, prognoses or friends, began to discover books lying amongst the copies of old magazines in these Accident and Emergency wards. The 500 copies of Accident Book distributed through these eight hospitals are each individually numbered and the finders of these books are encouraged to take them home but also to register them here.

Two examples:

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Jon Sasaki


Jon Sasaki, ‘Flyguy triggering his own motion sensor’ (2010)

A flyguy (one of the familiar dancing inflatables that wave people into carwashes and fast food restaurants) has been moved into the gallery and hooked up to a motion sensor.

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Ingo Vetter

Ingo Vetter- “Adaptation Laboratory”, 2004

Ingo Vetter (for the Detroit Tree of Heaven Woodshop), ‘Adaptation Laboratory’ (2004)

Exhaust-air driven greenhouse growing a ‘Tree of Heaven’ (Ailanthus altissima), a rare deciduous tree of tropical origin.

Eric Von Robertson

Eric Von Robertson | C.A.R.L., ‘Gentle Load’

Lawnchair Larry

In 1982 Larry Walters, nicknamed ‘Lawnchair Larry’, travelled to an altitude of over 15.000 feet (4600 m.) strapped to an ordinary lawn chair with 45 helium-filled weather balloons attached to it.


Also see this post: The space chair project (commercial)

Vladimir Nikolic



‘Autoportraits’ by Vladimir Nikolic (2001)

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Jon Rafman

‘DeLorean reflecting a Gerhard Richter painting’ (2010)

‘Hummer reflecting an Ellsworth Kelly’ (2010)

‘Honda Civic reflecting a Monet’ (2010) by Jon Rafman.

View a lot of other paintjobs by Jon Rafman at

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