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Philip Newcombe


‘Somewhere between us is the scent of orange’ (2012) by Philip Newcombe.

Postcard with peeled perfume strip, prior to being sent.

Nathan Gray


‘Theorist Training Camp/Practice Piece Part 0′ (2011) by Nathan Gray.

Marcel Duchamp

From or by Marcel Duchamp or Rose S?©lavy (The Box in a Valise) circa 1943 by Marcel Duchamp 1887-1968

‘Box in a suitcase (Boîte-en-Valise) from or by Marcel Duchamp or Rrose Sélavy.’ (ca 1943) by Marcel Duchamp.

Boîte-en-valise is a portable museum including sixty-nine miniature versions and reproductions of the artist’s own work.

Monica Gallab

‘Nice day for a picnic’ (2008) by Monica Gallab.

Kaleb de Groot

1 Allegorie van de luiheid

‘Allegory of Laziness’ (2008) by Kaleb de Groot.



‘Maria’ (2011) by Gelitin.

Ryan Gander


‘A lamp made by the artist for his wife (third attempt)’ by Ryan Gander.

Amalia Pica


‘Reconstruction of an antenna (As seen on TV)’ (2010) by Amalia Pica.

Ruben Bellinkx

ruben-bellinkx2 ruben-bellinkx1

‘Philodendron Xanad 02′ (2008) by Ruben Bellinkx. Live plant growing through a wall.