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Jon Rafman

Jon Rafman I am Alone but Not Lonely, 2013

Jon Rafman, ‘I am alone, but not lonely’ (2013)

Micah Lexier

Micah Lexier, Password (In Chronological Alphabetical Order), 2004

‘Password (In Chronological Alphabetical Order)’ (2004), a personalized handout by Micah Lexier.

Kevin Yates

Kevin Yates, Usher the Fall of the House, 2013

Kevin Yates, ‘Usher the Fall of the House’ (2013)

David Cronenberg


Still from ‘Scanners’ (1981) by David Cronenberg.

Myfanwy Macleod


‘Shipwreck’ (2012)


‘Windfarms’ (2012) by Myfanwy Macleod

Rodney Graham

Rodney_Graham_Getting it Together in the Country, 2000

‘Getting it together in the country’ (2000), an LP and publication by Rodney Graham

Mowry Baden

mowry baden

Mowry Baden, ‘Otis Room’ (1975)

Jon Sasaki


Jon Sasaki, ‘Flyguy triggering his own motion sensor’ (2010)

A flyguy (one of the familiar dancing inflatables that wave people into carwashes and fast food restaurants) has been moved into the gallery and hooked up to a motion sensor.

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Michel de Broin

nuit blanche - michel de broin

nuit blanche - michel de broin2

Michel de Broin, ‘Nuit Blanche’ (2009)

The largest mirror ball ever made was suspended from a construction crane 50 meters above the ground to render the starry sky to the citizens of Paris for one night in the Jardin du Luxembourg during the Nuit Blanche event.