Julien Bismuth


Julien Bismuth, ‘The saddest funniest sculpture in the world’ (2007)

The saddest funniest sculpture in the world’ – Performance.


‘The saddest funniest sculpture in the world’ – Installation view.


‘Dead Air Comedy’ (2010)

Video still

Don was asked to compose and improvise a series of monologues, inspired by stand-up comedy routines, and to perform them in the empty theater of the ACF, letting the silence of the absent audience amplify the tragi-comic vacuity of his solitary performance, and of the genre from which it stems.


‘Plouf’! (with Jean Pascal Flavien)

Video still

On 26 July, 2006, two boats met somewhere off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, near the Ilhas Cagarras. A sailing ship, party of Rio, accommodated the public and Flavien and Bismuth were held in a smaller boat, party of the beach of Copacabana, which left one hour later. The moment the two boats were within range to communicate marked the beginning of the performance. Reading texts punctuated by signs and signals, the performance was completed only when the two boats drifted too far apart. Plouf! was then re-invented on Feb 21st, 2009 in the context of the river Thames, outside Tate Modern.

Interview with Bismuth and Flavien by Tate.

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