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Antoine Lefebvre



Antoine Lefebvre, ‘Frames’ (2011)

Avery Singer


Avery Singer, ‘The Studio Visit’ (2012)

Riley Harmon


Riley Harmon, ‘What it is without the hand that wields it’ (2008)

As gamers die in a public video game server of a modified version of Counter-strike, a popular online first person shooter, the electronic solenoid valves dispense a small amount of fake blood. The trails left down the wall create a physical manifestation of virtual kills, bridging the two realities. The title is inspired by the Telefon Tel Aviv song of the same name.

Nate Hess


Still from ‘3D Model with Fingerprints’ (2009) by Nate Hess.

Joan Fontcuberta

Fontcuberta Orogenesis Derain 2004

Orogenesis Derain

Fontcuberta Joan Orogenesis Turner 2003

Orogenesis Turner

Fontcuberta Joan Orogenesis Pollock 2002

Orogenesis Pollock

‘Landscapes without memory’ by Joan Fontcuberta.

For the project Landscapes without Memory Joan Fontcuberta used software developed by the US Air Force. It translates two-dimensional cartographic data into a simulated three-dimensional image. Instead of feeding maps into the software, in Landscapes without Memory, Fontcuberta inserts painted landscapes: from Gauguin to Van Gogh, from Cezanne to Turner and Constable. The software translates them into new, virtual landscapes.

Eelco Brand

‘Museum’ (2009) by Eelco Brand.

Jeremy Bailey

Jeremy Bailey, ‘Public sculpture’ (2009)

Above is Bailey’s introduction to his public sculpture project, conceived while at the Shargorod residency in the Ukraine.

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Hotel Vue des Alpes


‘Hotel Vue des Alpes’ is a fictional, hotel, accessable only through the internet. Visitors can log in to the website, book a room and walk around to enjoy the scenery. You can stay there for a few days (short stay only)… The view from the rooms is breathtaking!

It is a project by Monica Studer and Christoph van den Berg

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Eva and Franco Mattes aka 0100101110101101.ORG


‘Reenactment of Chris Burden’s Shootfrom series ‘Synthetic Performance in Second Life’ (2007) by Eva and Franco Mattes aka 0100101110101101.org.

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Nikki Koole


Nikki Koole, ‘Paterserfflat’ (2006)

Nikki Koole interviewed all the residents of the apartment building where he grew up, and recreated them as 8-bit figures, each programmed to live a normal day in its life. The virtual residents get up, walk the dog, have breakfast, go to work, get home, have dinner and watch tv at exactly the same times as their real-life doppelgangers. This application is beamed on a scale model of the actual building.

Have a look at what happens in the building:



‘Generative flat’ (2009-2010)