Jeremy Bailey

Jeremy Bailey, ‘Public sculpture’ (2009)

Above is Bailey’s introduction to his public sculpture project, conceived while at the Shargorod residency in the Ukraine.

‘Public sculpture (around town)’ (2009)

‘SOS (episode 1, extended version)’ (2008)

SOS is a live performance and series of short videos made for the Canadian television show King Kaboom. This series offers a user’s guide to a new “visual operating system” invented by artists.

‘Your ad here’ (2008)

Bailey turned himself into a billboard and sold ads on his augmented body for TUFF, the Toronto Urban Film Festival. The video was shown on Toronto subway screens in September 2008.

‘The future of theatre’ (2010)

Software Bailey developed for the theatre industry. This documentation is a screen grab recorded at the Rhubarb Theatre Festival in Toronto, Canada February, 2010.

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