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Pieter Bruegel the Elder


Pieter Bruegel the Elder, ‘Hunters in the Snow (Winter)’ (1565)

Pierre Ardouvin

pierre ardouvin_retour dans la neige(2015)

Pierre Ardouvin, ‘Retour dans la Neige’ (2015)

Joan Jonas

Joan Jonas Mirror Piece

Joan Jonas, ‘Mirror Piece’ (1969)

Winslow Homer


Winslow Homer, ‘Snap the Whip’ (1872)

Wolfgang Beurer

Wolfgang Beurer-Stag hunting

Wolfgang Beurer, ‘Stag hunting’ (late Gothic)

Lt. Francis Meynell

Lt. Francis Meynell-Rescued Africans on deck of HM sloop Albatross 1845

Lt. Francis Meynell, ‘Rescued Africans on deck of HM sloop Albatross’ (1845)

Thomas Bewick

Thomas Bewick Wood Engraving from Vignettes 1827

Wood engraving from ‘Vignettes’ (1827) by¬†Thomas Bewick.

Larry Johnson

Untitled (Location I), 2001

Larry Johnson, untitled (‘location I’) (2001)

Alec Soth

alec-soth_Cemetery, Fountain City, Wisconsin 2002

Alec Soth, ‘Cemetery, Fountain City, Wisconsin’ (2002)

Adam Schreiber


Adam Schreiber, ‘2000’ (2010)