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Erika Hock

Poster Device (Diplomats & Martyrs), 2013

Erika Hock, ‘Poster Device (Diplomats & Martyrs)’ (2013)

steel, spray paint


Driegezicht (heilige drie eenheid) De vader, de zoon en de heilige geest. 17e eeuw, lindehout met resten van oude versie, 134cm _ Kolumba_Keulen

17th century tri-face (holy Trinity): the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Collection of the Kolumba museum, Cologne.


Leon Vranken

Leon Vranken Raising the Elevation - 2013

Leon Vranken, ‘Raising the Elevation’ (2013)

Memento Park

mementopark1 Budamarxeng

After de fall of the iron wall in 1989, several monuments and statues from Hungary’s communist period were, in stead of being destroyed, collected and placed together in Memento Park, in Budapest.

Deimantas Narkevicius


‘Once in the XX Century’ (2004) by Deimantas Narkevicius. Found footage of Lenin’s monument being pulled down, edited in a reversed way; Lenin comes flying onto the pedestal.

Graham Hudson

GrahamHudson_Trauma Monument, 2008, 4 x cardboard boxes, 2 x tape measure

Graham Hudson, ‘Trauma Monument’ (2008)

4 cardboard boxes, 2 tape measures.

Klaus Weber



Klaus Weber, ‘Public Fountain LSD Hall’ (2003),  a proposal

Installation at Frieze Art Fair 2003

Sofia Hultén


‘No No No No No No’ (2011) by Sofia Hultén.

Mels Dees

MelsDees-monument sg01

‘Z.t. (Monument sacro-gastrale)’ (2005) by Mels Dees.

David Maljkovic

David Maljkovic, stills from ‘Scene for a new heritage’