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‘See you all’, by Koudlam. Video by Cyprien Gaillard.

Cecilie Bjørgås Jordheim


From ‘Horizon. No Horizon’ (ubu Visual Writing editions), by Cecilie Bjørgås Jordheim (2011)

Harry Hanrahan

‘The 100 Greatest Movie Threats of All Time’ edited by Harry Hanrahan.

The Modern Lovers

‘Old World’ (1972) by The Modern Lovers

David Lynch

For several years in the late 2000’s David Lynch posted a daily weather report on his website from his home in Los Angeles.

William Basinski

William Basinski, ‘The Disintegration Loops’, performed live by The Wordless Music Orchestra, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY (2011)

Shana Moulton

‘The Mountain Where Everything is Upside Down’ (2006) by Shana Moulton.

Filip Gilissen

Filip Gilissen, ‘The winner takes it all’ (2008)

Bill Murray

Bill Murray improvises multiple takes of a rant against technology for a TV show promo, New York City (1982)

Yvonne Rainer

Yvonne Rainer, ‘Hand Movie’ (1966)