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James ‘Son Ford’ Thomas

James Son Ford Thomas-untitled-unknown

James ‘Son Ford’ Thomas, untitled (1987)

JD Walsh


JD Walsh, ‘Second Skin’ (2013)

Painted fabric, stretched on wood.

Isaac Brest

isaac-brest-Installation view from Thank You in Advance @ Rodolphe Janssen-1

isaac-brest-Installation view from Thank You in Advance @ Rodolphe Janssen-2

Isaac Brest, installation view from ‘Thank you in advance’ at galerie Rodolphe Janssen.

Manfred Pernice


Manfred-Pernice-Installation view, 'Tutti', Kunstverein, Salzburg, 2010


Installation views of Manfred Pernice‘s ‘Tutti’ at Kunstverein Salzburg (2010)

Charlotte Posenenske

Charlotte Posenenske Streifenbild (Striped Picture), c. 1962

Charlotte Posenenske, ‘Streifenbild (Striped Picture)’ (c. 1962)

John Armleder

John Armleder

by John Armleder

Walter Swennen


‘Spider (small)’ (2014) by Walter Swennen.

Chris Brans


‘Wolk (Cloud)’ (2009) by Chris Brans.

Jeroen Offerman


‘Cactus’ (1996) by Jeroen Offerman.

A large cactus was tattooed entirely black within a time-span of three weeks.

Gerhard Richter

Gerhard Richter- Atlas. Plate 9.  Photographs of papers and books 1962-1968

‘Atlas plate no.9’ (1962-1968) by Gerhard Richter