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Eric Sidner

Eric Sidner  Untitled, 2012-1

Eric Sidner  Untitled, 2012-2

Eric Sidner  Untitled, 2012-3

Eric Sidner  Untitled, 2012

Eric Sidner, untitled (2012)

Janine Antoni


Janine Antoni, ‘Mom and Dad’ (1994)

Henry Wessel




Works from the ‘Night Walk’ series (1995-1998) by Henry Wessel.

Henry Wilson and James Caulfield

francis trovillou - the horned man 7856045606_c288dd8f5a_c


Illustrations from  ‘The Book of Wonderful Characters: Memoirs and Anecdotes of Remarkable and Eccentric Persons in all Ages and Countries, Chiefly from the Text of Henry Wilson and James Caulfield’ (1869)

Francis Trovillou, The Horned Man

Joseph Clark, The famous Posture Master

Barbara Urslerin, The Hairy faced Woman

Charles Van Schaick




From ‘Wisconsin Death Trip‘, a book by Michael Lesy, featuring a collection of late 19th century photographs by Charles Van Schaick, mostly in the city of Black River Falls, and local news reports from the same period.

Marine Hugonnier

From the series ‘Mountains with no names’ (2003) by Marine Hugonnier

These photographs, drawn from a larger series, are portraits Hugonnier took of the mountains that surround the Pandjshêr Valley in the northeast of Afghanistan. These mountains have never been named: they remain blank areas on the map where only the paths are given names by local inhabitants.

Hans-Peter Feldmann

Hans-Peter Feldmann, ‘1 pair of Old Paintings’ (2011)

Nasan Tur

The video installation ‘Collective Notice’ (< click to see a video) contains portraits of 10 people who disappeared in their homelands because of their political activities. Nasan Tur commissioned street artists to draw portraits of these people who are still missing. In the installation visitors see the materialization of these portraits in a period of 9 hours.

Thomas Mailaender




From the series ‘Items’, by Thomas Mailaender

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Vladimir Nikolic



‘Autoportraits’ by Vladimir Nikolic (2001)

Click here to see the video