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Bas Jan Ader

Bas Jan Ader – Broken fall (Organic), 1971

Bas Jan Ader, ‘Broken fall (Geometric)’ (1971)

Bas Jan Ader


Bas Jan Ader, ‘Primary Time’ (1974)

stills from silent film

Daan van Golden

Daan van Golden . Composition with blue square-1964

Daan van Golden, ‘Composition with blue square’ (1964)

Eelco Brand

‘Museum’ (2009) by Eelco Brand.

Ivan Argote

Ivan Argote, ‘Retouch’ (2008)

Also, have a look on his website Paper, Scissors, Rock

Jon Rafman

‘DeLorean reflecting a Gerhard Richter painting’ (2010)

‘Hummer reflecting an Ellsworth Kelly’ (2010)

‘Honda Civic reflecting a Monet’ (2010) by Jon Rafman.

View a lot of other paintjobs by Jon Rafman at Brandnewpaintjob.com.

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Olof Olsson


‘Mondriananalysis’ (1994) by Olof Olsson.

An attempt to make Mondrian more popular. In a consultation clients have their personalities analysed through birthdate-generated Mondrian pictures.

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Piet Mondriaan Collection

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We have started a growing collection of everyday stuff inspired by Piet Mondriaan. You might know it from our facebook-group. (Thanks Albert). Now also here on pietmondriaan.com

Check collection!


Feel free to send in anything related to Mondriaan! (photo’s, links etc.)

Red Cloud


Piet Mondriaan: Red cloud (1907)

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