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Arman-long term parking'-1982

Arman, ‘Long-term parking’ (1982)

David Mach

David Mach, ‘Out of Order’ (1989)

12 tumbling telephone boxes

Ekkehard Altenburger

‘Mirror house’, by Ekkehard Altenburger (1996)

Temporary installation on the Isle of Tyree, Scotland.

Jens Haaning

Jens Haaning, ‘Turkish Mercedes’ (1996)

A Mercedes Benz with Turkish license plates and loudspeakers on the roof, broadcasting jokes in Turkish in Kreutzberg, Berlin, an area dominated by Turkish immigrants.

Jeremy Bailey

Jeremy Bailey, ‘Public sculpture’ (2009)

Above is Bailey’s introduction to his public sculpture project, conceived while at the Shargorod residency in the Ukraine.

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Eric Von Robertson

Eric Von Robertson | C.A.R.L., ‘Gentle Load’

Nedko Solakov

Afbeelding 3

Nedko Solakov, ‘Destroyed public sculpture’ (2001) Video here

Destroyed replica of a part from a public sculpture called Citizens (created by Ubo Scheffer, 1970), situated in front of the Police Headquarters, Arnhem