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Thomas Rentmeister

thomasrentmeister_Classic No. 2, 2012

‘Classic No. 2′ (2012) by Thomas Rentmeister

Chelsea Arts Club


From the Chelsea Art Club’s 1919 Dazzle Ball. Yvonne Gregory by Bertram Park

On March 12, 1919, the Chelsea Arts Club held a costume party, called a Dazzle Ball, at Royal Albert Hall in London. It was inspired by the abstract geometric shapes on camouflaged ships in World War I , a method that was first employed by the British, who called it “dazzle painting” or dazzle camouflage. When the Americans adopted a comparable method, they referred to it by other names, among them “baffle painting,” “jazz painting,” and (rarely) “razzle dazzle.”


Walt Disney



‘Four artists paint one tree’, a documentary by the Walt Disney Co.

Pierre Huyghe


The instructions for Pierre Huyghe‘s ‘Influenced’ (2011)

Chris Evans

Chris Evans, New Rules 5, 2011

Chris Evans, ‘New Rules 5′ (2011)

Niels Kalk


by Niels Kalk

Joni Mitchell


A painting by Joni Mitchell of her cat, Nietzsche (1997)

Read the much talked about interview in NYmag

Frances Stark

frances stark

Frances Stark, from the series ‘Ecce Homo’ (2000)

Riley Harmon


Riley Harmon, ‘Passengers (Never let me go)’ (2010-2013)

For the ‘Passenger’ series, Harmon inserted himself into movie scenes.



All the frames from ‘Blade Runner’ (1982) in one frame. From moviebarcode.tumblr.com.

Thanks Dirk.