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Julien Douvier


by Julien Douvier.

Felix Gonzalez-Torres



Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Untitled (Loverboy) (1989)

Mircea Cantor


‘Wind Orchestra’ (2012) by Mircea Cantor. Watch video here.

David Lynch

For several years in the late 2000’s David Lynch posted a daily weather report on his website from his home in Los Angeles.

Edward Hopper

hopper night windows

Edward Hopper, ‘Night Windows’ (1928)

Leon Wyczolkowski

Leon Wyczolkowski - Spring in Goscieradz (1933)

Leon Wyczólkowski, ‘Spring in Goscieradz’ (1933)

Trisha Donnelly

trisha donnelly the hand that holds the desert down silver gelatin 2002

Trisha Donnelly, ‘The hand that holds the desert down’ (2002)

silver gelatin print

Edith Dekyndt



Stills from ‘XY 02’ by Edith Dekyndt

Watch video extract here.

Francis Alÿs

Alys Tornado 2000-present

Francis Alÿs, stills from ‘Tornado’ (2000-10)

Since 2000, Alÿs has visited an area in the Mexican countryside where tornadoes occur, and has filmed his attempts to run into the eye of the storms.

Shannon Ebner

Shannon Ebner, ‘Leaning Tree’ (2002)