Jon Sasaki


Jon Sasaki, ‘Flyguy triggering his own motion sensor’ (2010)

A flyguy (one of the familiar dancing inflatables that wave people into carwashes and fast food restaurants) has been moved into the gallery and hooked up to a motion sensor.

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‘Toronto’s Official Y2K Mascot, Autumn’ (2008)

With “2000” emblazoned on his CN Tower-shaped body, an obsolete Y2K mascot sits contemplating his few, if any, prospects.

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‘Fireworks’ (2006)

Sputtering fireworks are thrust into a gallery display case, which, while containing the danger and violence, also highlights and reveals.

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‘Black Light Thrift Store’ (2007)

Intervention in a second hand store.



‘Jon Sasaki’s Best Friendship’ (2006 – ongoing)

The artist is offering his lifelong best-friendship.
Purchasers of a pendant are asked to break it in two, select either the “BE-FRI” half or the ”ST-END” half for themselves, and leave the other half with a gallery representative. The artist will then collect and wear his component as an official symbol of the newly formalized friendship.


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    Just found your blog, love it, and really dig this post.

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    Thanks Andrew!

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    Yes, mucho appreciated!

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