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Carsten Höller

Carsten Höller, ‘One Minute of Doubt’ (1999)

James ‘Son Ford’ Thomas

James Son Ford Thomas-untitled-unknown

James ‘Son Ford’ Thomas, untitled (1987)



The Spirit of Ecstacy on a Rolls Royce protected. Found in South London.

Allison V. Smith


Allison V. Smith, ‘Parked’ (2011)

John Körmeling


‘Socialized Road’ by John Körmeling.

Stuart Ringholt

Stuart Ringholt Cur8or 2014

Stuart Ringholt, ‘Cur8or’ (2014)

Loris Gréaud


‘Devils Tower Satellite’ (2005) by Loris Gréaud.

Dirk Skreber


Dirk Skreber, Untitled (Crash 1) (2009)

Melle Smets & Joost van Onna


Turtle 1‘ (2013) a project by Melle Smets & Joost van Onna.

In Ghana 200,000 artisans, in 12,000 workshops, stores and factories are working round the clock to repair, adjust and re-invent European scrap yard cars. Melle Smets and Joost van Onna traveled there to build an African concept car out of discarded car parts, in collaboration with the local community.

Mungo Thomson

mungo-thomson-antenna baldessari

‘Antenna Baldessari’ by Mungo Thomson