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Sam Kronick

Slow Internet Cafe - Sam Kronic, Director of The Consortium for Slower Internet

‘Slow Internet Café’, by Sam Kronick, director of The Consortium for Slower Internet

Goran Trbuljak


Goran Trbuljak, Untitled, 2004 (1970 – now)

The total number of persons who have attended the openings of all Trbuljak’s individual exhibitions (those who have attended more than one opening have been counted once).

Ingo Vetter

Ingo Vetter- “Adaptation Laboratory”, 2004

Ingo Vetter (for the Detroit Tree of Heaven Woodshop), ‘Adaptation Laboratory’ (2004)

Exhaust-air driven greenhouse growing a ‘Tree of Heaven’ (Ailanthus altissima), a rare deciduous tree of tropical origin.

Billy(TM) Apple

billy apple

This is a picture of the apple ‘species’ that Billy Apple is growing in New Zealand. A spotless, perfectly red apple that’s supposed to hit a grocery store near you sometime in the coming years…