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Horace Pippin


Horace Pippin, ‘Giving Thanks’ (1942)

Riley Harmon


Riley Harmon, ‘What it is without the hand that wields it’ (2008)

As gamers die in a public video game server of a modified version of Counter-strike, a popular online first person shooter, the electronic solenoid valves dispense a small amount of fake blood. The trails left down the wall create a physical manifestation of virtual kills, bridging the two realities. The title is inspired by the Telefon Tel Aviv song of the same name.

René Magritte


René Magritte, ‘The Human Condition’ (1933)

André Breton and Philippe Soupault

Screen shot 2015-01-31 at 13.42.14


André Breton and Philippe Soupault, excerpt from ‘The Magnetic Fields’ (1920)

Translated by Maria Elena Buszek

Magical squares do not make good stopping places.

Darren Bader

darren-bader_Proposal for Filling a Swimming Pool with Couscous Architectural model with couscous, the potential to make the proposal a reality

Darren Bader, ‘Proposal for Filling a Swimming Pool with Couscous’

Architectural model with couscous, the potential to make the proposal a reality.

Harun Farocki




Stills from Harun Farocki‘s ‘Die Bewerbung’ AKA ‘The Interview’ (1996)

Clip here

Patrizio Di Massimo


Patrizio Di Massimo, ‘Tripolis’ (2008)



By Gummbah

Catalin Mitulescu

Catalin Mitulescu, ‘Cum mi-am petrecut sfarsitul lumii’ (The way I spent the end of the world) (2006)

Tragi-comic coming-of-age tale, set in 1989 Romania, which follows 17 year old Eva and her younger brother Lilu. After knocking down a bust of Ceausescu by accident, Eva is sent to a technical school where she meets Andrei, with whom she plans to escape communist Romania by swimming across the Danube into Yugoslavia and relocate to Italy. Meanwhile, Lilu and his friends volunteer for a children’s choir scheduled to sing for Ceausescu, hoping this will give them a chance to assassinate the dictator.

Juan Ortiz-Apuy

Juan Ortiz-Apuy, ‘Realia Series – Bomba’ (2011)