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In 1961, this submission letter — written by an aspiring 14-year-old author named Stephen King — arrived at the offices of Spacemen Magazine accompanied by a copy of “The Killer,” the short story in question. Unfortunately for Stephen the magazine’s editor, Forrest Ackerman, didn’t deem the tale worthy of inclusion at that point.

April 3rd: Nikki Koole @ Galerie Gallery


Nikki Koole, ‘Neukmannetjes’ (2005)

An application that generates a simplified version of  the game of seduction..
It starts with two babies, one male, one female. Once adults, they wander around the screen until they bump into eachother. They then have intercourse, after which the male leaves and the woman gives birth. Her baby will grow up, and enter the game.. This is repeated until the screen is fully filled with inhabitants, when everything collapses and the process starts over.

Nikki Koole will be presenting new works at Galerie Gallery tomorrow, Saturday the 3rd of April. You are welcome to join our festivities from 18.30hrs.

Nikki Koole


Nikki Koole, ‘Paterserfflat’ (2006)

Nikki Koole interviewed all the residents of the apartment building where he grew up, and recreated them as 8-bit figures, each programmed to live a normal day in its life. The virtual residents get up, walk the dog, have breakfast, go to work, get home, have dinner and watch tv at exactly the same times as their real-life doppelgangers. This application is beamed on a scale model of the actual building.

Have a look at what happens in the building:



‘Generative flat’ (2009-2010)