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Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson American Spirit, 2010-1

Matt Johnson American Spirit, 2010-2

Matt Johnson, ‘American Spirit’ (2010)



Barbara Bloom

Barbara Bloom-Ghost Writer-still life-1994

Barbara Bloom, ‘Ghost of Vanitas Still Life’ (1994)

BB had a deep affinity for Dutch “Golden Age” painting, a result perhaps of her many years in Amsterdam, but more pertinently of a shared love of the material world. These were painters fascinated by framing: not only in the form of coy devices like the pulled-back drape at the edge of the canvas, but in the literal depiction of framed pictures within their pictures. (We know the artists whose paintings Vermeer owned because he showed them so often in his own paintings.) In David Bailly’s picture, things and pictures are arrayed across the surface of his canvas. Whatever his allegorical intentions, Bailly’s concern with the observable world, in all its idiosyncratic particulars, has trumped conventional narrative. BB’s peekaboo mounting only exacerbates Bailly’s pre-occupation with distracting surfaces and the limpid connections of thoughts and things.

Joan Jonas

Joan Jonas Mirror Piece

Joan Jonas, ‘Mirror Piece’ (1969)

Larry David


Bob Einstein and Larry David in Curb your Enthusiasm.



Winslow Homer


Winslow Homer, ‘Snap the Whip’ (1872)

Jacob Lawrence

Jacob Lawrence, “The Migration Series” (1940-41), panel 52- “One of the largest race riots occurred in East St. Louis” (1941)

Jacob Lawrence, ‘One of the largest race riots occurred in East St. Louis’ (1941) from ‘The Migration Series’ (1940-41)

Horace Pippin

Horace Pippin, John Brown Going to his Hanging, 1942

Horace Pippin, ‘John Brown Going to his Hanging’ (1942)

Van Heusen


1950s advertisement for Van Heusen shoes.