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Riley Harmon


Riley Harmon, ‘What it is without the hand that wields it’ (2008)

As gamers die in a public video game server of a modified version of Counter-strike, a popular online first person shooter, the electronic solenoid valves dispense a small amount of fake blood. The trails left down the wall create a physical manifestation of virtual kills, bridging the two realities. The title is inspired by the Telefon Tel Aviv song of the same name.

Kris van Dessel


‘Entering Meters Going Nowhere’ (2014-ongoing) by Kris van Dessel.

Measuring and entering the distances traveled in his studio while working.
Each month the total number of meters has been entered in Google to find a mountain with the equal number of meters as height.

Michael Kargl



‘Objects of Desire’ (2005-2008) by Michael Kargl (aka Carlos Katastrofsky).

A numbered but unsigned set of sentences, which disappears from the screen as soon as the next set is automatically displayed, allows the visitor to become the owner of a unique work of art, but only as long as he or she keeps it in mind.

Kelly Mark


‘Counters’ (2003 – ongoing) by Kelly Mark. Edition of 9999.

Stanley Kubrick / J.R. Eyerman


Extras playing dead at the set of Stanley Kubrick’s ‘Spartacus‘. Photo shot by J.R. Eyerman (1959).


Superflex, ‘The financial crisis’ (trailer) (2009)

The Financial Crisis (Session I-V) is a film work in which SUPERFLEX address the financial crisis and meltdown from a therapeutic perspective. A hypnotist guides us through our worst nightmares to reveal the crisis without as the psychosis within.

‘Flooded McDonald’s’ (excerpt) (2009)


‘Number of visitors’ (2005)