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Avery Singer


Avery Singer, ‘The Studio Visit’ (2012)

Giles Round

Giles Round - Unessessary_Character_Z

Giles Round, ‘Unnecessary letters (Z)’ (2014)

Machine cut felt, 140 x 92cm

Thomas Bewick


Thomas Bewick‘s wood engraving ‘Hanged man’ (early 19th C.)

Jesse Wine

Jesse Wine, Young man red II

Jesse Wine, ‘Young man red (eating)’ (2014)

glazed ceramic and steel, dimensions variable (figure 350cm tall)

Giles Round

Untitled_1943-44 giles round

Giles Round, ‘Untitled, 1943-1944, (SORRY!), 2014’

Lithograph on book page, 280 x 215mm

Sofia Hulten

Sofia Hulten Lines with Complications III, 2014

Sofia Hultén, ‘Lines with Complications III’ (2014)

Jorge Pardo


Jorge Pardo, ‘Me and my mum’ (1991)

A refabrication of Le Corbusier’s classic chair and loveseat using industrial copper tubing, rather than the polished steel tubes that form the core of the original.

Rebecca Stephany


I recently saw Rebecca Stephany‘s work at the GfZK Leipzig, after she had won the INFORM conceptual design award.

Click to see a more or less incomplete selection of nice works from the show. Sorry about the sorry pictures..

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