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Sonja Feldmeier

‘Phantom 00’ by Sonja Feldmeier

Feldmeier looked for individuals who believe in or admire an idol. These persons had to describe the faces of their idols using only their imagination. A digital picture archive and software used by the criminal police to create identikit pictures was used as basic drawing material.

Joan Fontcuberta

Fontcuberta Orogenesis Derain 2004

Orogenesis Derain

Fontcuberta Joan Orogenesis Turner 2003

Orogenesis Turner

Fontcuberta Joan Orogenesis Pollock 2002

Orogenesis Pollock

‘Landscapes without memory’ by Joan Fontcuberta.

For the project Landscapes without Memory Joan Fontcuberta used software developed by the US Air Force. It translates two-dimensional cartographic data into a simulated three-dimensional image. Instead of feeding maps into the software, in Landscapes without Memory, Fontcuberta inserts painted landscapes: from Gauguin to Van Gogh, from Cezanne to Turner and Constable. The software translates them into new, virtual landscapes.