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Thomson & Craighead

the end thomson&craighead

Thomson & Craighead, ‘The End’ (2010)

Felix Gonzalez-Torres

Felix Gonzalez Torres "Untitled" (the end)

Felix Gonzalez-TorresUntitled (‘The End’) (1990)

Derek Jarman


Derek Jarman‘s ‘Blue’ (1993)

Blue is Jarman’s final feature film, released four months before his death from AIDS-related complications. The disease had already rendered him partially blind at the time of the film’s release.

The film was his last testament as a film-maker, and consists of a single shot of saturated blue colour filling the screen, as background to a soundtrack where Jarman’s and some of his favourite actors’ narration describes his life and vision.

Alice Neel

Frank O'Hara

Alice Neel, ‘Frank O’Hara’ (1960)



by Gummbah

Charles M. Schulz


Charles M. Schulz

Graeme Durant

graemedurant_Henry Moore004

graemedurant_Henry Moore008

graemedurant_Henry Moore010

Henry Moore sculptures drawn from memory by Graeme Durant

Maria Loboda

maria loboda Hydrochloric-Acid-on-Marble_2

Maria Loboda, ‘Hydrochloric Acid on Marble’ (2014)

Marisa Mertz

marisa mertz

Marisa Mertz, ‘Untitled’ (2011-2012)

Jûzô Itami

Jûzô Itami, scene from ‘Tampopo’, the first ‘ramen western’ (1985)