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Driegezicht (heilige drie eenheid) De vader, de zoon en de heilige geest. 17e eeuw, lindehout met resten van oude versie, 134cm _ Kolumba_Keulen

17th century tri-face (holy Trinity): the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Collection of the Kolumba museum, Cologne.


Beni Bischof


Beni Bischof, ‘Das was draufsteht’ (2014)

Roman Ondák

roman ondak, Pocket Money of My Son, 2007

Roman Ondák, ‘Pocket Money of my Son’ (2007)

David Shrigley


by David Shrigley

Jan Adriaans – Janske: Guitar


In the video “Janske-Guitar”, artist Jan Adriaans returns to his parents’ house and films his mother playing his electric guitar in the attic – the dwelling of his childhood/teenage years.


Nigel Shafran

nigel shafran ruth on the phone 1

nigel shafran ruth on the phone 2

nigel shafran ruth on the phone 3

‘Ruth on the phone’ (1995-26 January 2004) by Nigel Shafran

For almost nine years, Shafran took photographs of his girlfriend Ruth when she was on the phone. The final date marked the birth of their son, Lev.

Fischli & Weiss

Peter Fischli & David Weiss, ‘Son et lumiere (Le rayon vert)’ (1990)

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