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Chloe Seibert

chloe-seibert-Blue Lady (2013) Found ceramic object

Chloe Seibert, ‘Blue Lady’ (2013)

Found ceramic object.

chloe-seibert-Blue Lady Replica (2014

Chloe Seibert, ‘Blue Lady Replica’ (2014)

Laura Bygrave



Laura Bygrave, ‘Frances’ (2014)

Jan Dibbets

Jan Dibbets-Museum Sokkel met vier hoeken van 90gr (1969)

Jan Dibbets, ‘Museum Sokkel met vier hoeken van 90°’ (‘Museum plinth with four corners at an angle of 90°’ (1969)

Dibbets dug out the four corners of the Stedelijk Museum to expose the building’s ‘plinth’.

Özlem Altin


Özlem Altin, ‘Untitled (Mädchen im Baum)’ (2013)

photo prints, 122 x 190 cm

Willem de Rooij




Willem de Rooij, ‘Route langs 18 hoeken’ (Route Along 18 Corners) (1993)

A brochure setting out a route along 18 corners of galleries and exhibition spaces on the ground floor of the Stedelijk Museum building. The work was made before the building was renovated from 2004 – 2012 and depicts floors and walls that have since changed.

Bruno Munari

bruno munari

Bruno Munari, ‘Seeking comfort in an uncomfortable chair’ (1944)

Rebecca Warren

‘Cube’ (2006) by Rebecca Warren

Bronze on MDF on wheels.