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Laura Bygrave



Laura Bygrave, ‘Frances’ (2014)

Hans Richter

Hans Richter - Houses, 1917

Hans Richter, ‘Houses’ (1917)

Carsten Nicolai

Carsten Nicolai moire E2, 2010

Carsten Nicolai moire S2, 2010

‘Moiré E2’ and ‘Moiré S2’ (2010), by Carsten Nicolai.

Ballpoint on paper.

Michael Van den Abeele

michael van de abeele the clean man

Michael Van den Abeele, ‘de Heldere man (the Clear Man)’ (2008)

William Wegman

wegman, dramatic hat dance, 1974

William Wegman, ‘Dramatic Hat Dance’ (1974)

David Stjernholm

david_stjernholm_Vase, 2013  Canon laser cartridge (magenta), pigment, altering flower

David Stjernholm, ‘Vase’ (2013)

Canon laser cartridge (magenta), pigment, ageing flower.

Phil Milstein

‘March of the memories’ by Phil Milstein (?)

Roman Pfeffer

‘Portrait of a man with a size of 181 cm.’ (2009)


‘One Million Euro’ (2008) by Roman Pfeffer.

2000 pieces of 500 Euro banknotes separated in paper and ink.