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Julien Douvier


by Julien Douvier.

Mike Pratt

Mike Pratt, 2 Flutes and a Violin, 2014

Mike Pratt, ‘2 Flutes and a Violin’ (2014)

Henrik Håkansson

‘A tree with roots’ (2010) by Henrik Håkansson.

David Shrigley

‘One day a big wind will come and…’ by David Shrigley

Aspen Mays


‘Einstein Rainbow 1’ (2009)


‘Every leaf from a tree’ (2009) by Aspen Mays.

The projects ‘Einstein Rainbow’ and ‘Every leaf on a tree’ by Aspen Mays are closely connected. For ‘Einstein Rainbow’ Mays collected every book about Einstein from all the college and university libraries of Illinois. She made a bookshelf in the shape of an arc and started to sort the books (over 1500) according to their color. Thinking about the linguistic connection between a leaf in a book and a leaf on a tree she decided, as a response to this project, to photograph every leaf on a tree next to her studio. This resulted in 900 prints of every single leaf. Both projects were presented together. See more images below.

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