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Jimmie Durham


Jimmie Durham, ‘The Piece of Wood’ (2005)

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Armand Yerly


Armand Yerly, from the series ‘Objects’ (2012)

Jan Huijben

‘Coca-Cola Kabbala’ (2012) by Jan Huijben

The kabbalistic symbol of the tree of life noticed in the pattern of the bottom of a Coca Cola crate.

Craig Leonard


‘Obsolete Concepts (Antiprobabilism)’ (2004) by Craig Leonard.

From a series of prints pointing to obsolete concepts, as categorized by the Oxford English Dictionary, in the word’s last known site of publication.

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Ivan Puig


Ivan Puig, ‘Mandala’ (2006)

Just one more work after ‘le jump’.

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Michael Gumhold

Movement #1913–2007

Michael Gumhold, ‘Movement #1913–2007’