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Hans Haacke

Hans Haacke, Untitled #1, 2005
Hans Haacke, untitled #1 (2005)



Party invitation by unknown person. (via)

Jeppe Hein

Jeppe Hein I Don't Expect Anything But I'm Open For Everything" (2014)

Jeppe Hein, ‘I Don’t Expect Anything But I’m Open For Everything’ (2014)

Hans Haacke

Hans Haacke at Museo Reina Sofia02-Trickle-Up-detalle-800x581

Hans Haacke at Museo Reina Sofía, Madrid, in 2012.

Job Koelewijn

jobkoelewijn-Untitled (Be More Specific)2004

jobkoelewijn-Untitled (Be More Specific)2004-1

Job Koelewijn, ‘Be more specific’ (2003)

Wood, rubber and Vicks VapoRub.

Sharon Hayes

Sharon Hayes_My Memory Translates Everything into Something Else

Sharon Hayes, ‘My Memory Translates Everything into Something Else’.

Gregory Green


Gregory Green, ‘Be Selective as to What You Accept as Truth’ (1987)

Poster edition.

Alicja Kwade

alicja kwade a table

‘Ein Tisch ist ein Tisch (A table is a table)’ by Alicja Kwade (2014)

Gummbah & Chantal Rens

Life is a Must-gummbah_rens

‘Life is a must’, by Gummbah & Chantal Rens

Keith Arnatt


Keith Arnatt, ‘Trouser-Word Piece’ (1972)