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Brígida Baltar

brigida baltar canto brocado (detail), 2007

Brígida Baltar, ‘Canto brocado’ (detail) (2007)
Brick dust on floor.

Max Zerrahn


by Max Zerrahn.

Wolfgang Weileder




‘Res Publica’ (2012) by Wolfgang Weileder.

This temporary installation combined three distinct elements. A stainless steel leaflet dispenser was positioned on the pavement outside the Supreme Court in Washington DC. Presented as a miniature Palladian temple based on the proportions the Court building, the dispenser contained an edition of printed plans for making a 1:50 scale architectural cardboard model of the Supreme Court. Meanwhile four cardboard versions of the model were installed at various locations around the city which had associations with privilege and homelessness. These models were deliberately left to the mercy of the weather and the urban environment.

Rosella Biscotti

rosella biscotti

‘Le Teste in Oggetto (The Heads in Question)’ (2009) by Rosella Biscotti.

Found by the artist in the storerooms of the Palazzo degli Uffici in the EUR district in Rome, these five bronze sculptures were commissioned to Giovanni Prini (1877-1958) and Domenico Rambelli (1886-1972) for the 1942 World’s Fair, which was later cancelled. For this installation the bronze sculptures were temporarily relocated and shown to the public for the first time.


Marjolijn Dijkman


‘Liberate the Madness’ (2007) by Marjolijn Dijkman.

Temporary stage in front of an existing line of graffiti, that reads ‘liberate the madness’ in dutch.

Musictypewriter – Claudia Märzendorfer

musictypewriter_web musictypewriter2_web musictypewriter_partitur_web

Temporary Installation
Ice Sculpture

Homage to Arnold Schönberg’s unrealised patent of a musictypewriter

Cast: frozen water, food colouring, musicpaper


Fischli and Weiss

Equilibres- Quiet Afternoon Equilibres- Quiet Afternoon2

Fischli and Weiss, from ‘Equilibre / Quiet Afternoon’ (1984-5)

Ekkehard Altenburger

‘Mirror house’, by Ekkehard Altenburger (1996)

Temporary installation on the Isle of Tyree, Scotland.