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Matias Faldbakken


Matias Faldbakken, Untitled (Coin Locker Sculpture) (2012)

Lucie Rie


By Lucie Rie.



Container with Lid (mid-/late 19th century), Northern Nguni, possibly from Zulu Swaziland or KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. In the collection of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Aldo Rossi

aldo rossi_san cataldo cemetary

Aldo Rossi’s San Cataldo cemetery, a ‘City for the Dead’.

Construction began in 1978 and to this day stands at roughly fifty percent completion. The site was originally to contain the ossuary cube and a series of rib-like buildings, which terminated in a cone housing the communal graves.


Arman-long term parking'-1982

Arman, ‘Long-term parking’ (1982)

Penny Andrea

Penny Andrea

‘Hi, I’m Jeff Koons’ by Penny Andrea

Kirsten Pieroth


‘Untitled’ (2012) by Kirsten Pieroth. 21 jars containing liquids from boiled books.

Luc Deleu

‘Speybank’ (2005) by Luc Deleu.

Mandla Reuter

‘Fountain’ (2010) by Mandla Reuter.

Backstage at HISK, Ghent


Some backstage photos I made at HISK, Ghent.

‘LA CONQUETE DE L’ESPACE’. HISK laureates 2009 exhibition (14.11 – 13.12 2009).

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