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Pavel Sterec


Pavel Sterec, ‘I don’t believe in past lives’ (2008)

Series of photographs of dead ends of tunnels inside a mine in Pribyslav, established by prospectors’ mistake. After the mine had been worked on for about 10 years, nothing had been found and the mine was left abandoned.

Sigurdur Gudmundsson

5 Sigurdur Gudmundsson

by Sigurdur Gudmundsson

Stuart Ringholt

stuart ringholt_still from this person is dead

Still from Stuart Ringholt’s ‘This person is dead’

Ryan Foerster

ryan foerster

Ryan Foerster, ‘sudbury, brighton beach etc.’ (2012)

c-print with slag and rocks

Daniel Keller


Daniel Keller, ‘AmazonGlobalPriority Cairn Unit 3’ (2013)

These stacked rocks or cairns are originally an ancient symbol of ‘value-adding’ human intervention on the landscape. These Ancient Graffiti® river-stone cairns are made in Honduras, ornaments purchased from leading e-commerce site (and chief disruptor of traditional brick-and-mortar retail) Amazon.com and delivered directly to the gallery.



A room inside the National Geology Museum in Bucharest (2011)

Matthew Day Jackson


‘Lower 48 – Texas’


‘Lower 48 – Oregon’

matthewdayjackson_2006_lower-48- Connecticut

‘Lower 48 – Connecticut’


The series ‘The Lower 48’ (2006) by Matthew Day Jackson

Shannon Ebner

Shannon Ebner, ‘Leaning Tree’ (2002)

Ekkehard Altenburger

‘Mirror house’, by Ekkehard Altenburger (1996)

Temporary installation on the Isle of Tyree, Scotland.

Gabriel Kuri

‘Three Arrested Clouds’ (2010) by Gabriel Kuri

Two rocks and three pairs of balled socks.