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Letha Wilson


Letha Wilson, ‘Headlands Beach Concrete Fold’ (2014)



The testing of highlighters in the factory where they are made.

Constantin Brancusi


Constantin Brancusi, ‘Sleeping muse’ (1910)

John Everett Millais

John Everett Millais, ‘Twins (Grace and Kate Hoare)’ (1876)

Cerith Wyn Evans

Cerith Wyn Evans, ‘Chandeliers’ (2003)

The ‘Chandelier’ sculptures evoke notions of otherworldly communication by using sections of texts that have been translated into the flashing light signals of Morse Code, such as “Diary: How to improve the world (you will only make matters worse)” continued 1968 from ‘M’ writings ’67-’72 by John Cage.


Ugo Rondinone

Ugo Rondinone, ‘Jahrestage’ (2004)

Céline Cléron


Céline Cléron, ‘Nature permanente’ (2010)


Julika Rudelius

Afbeelding 4

Afbeelding 5

Julika Rudelius, ‘Forever’ (2005)

Installation view and fragment.

For those interested; here‘s Rudelius’s rather nice talk at the Brooklyn Museum..

Claire L. Evans

‘Thank you for posting’ (2010) by Claire L. Evans.

Rainbow Conspiracy

What is oozing out of our ground?

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