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Eric Sidner

Eric Sidner  Untitled, 2012-1

Eric Sidner  Untitled, 2012-2

Eric Sidner  Untitled, 2012-3

Eric Sidner  Untitled, 2012

Eric Sidner, untitled (2012)

Barbara Bloom


Barbara Bloom, ‘Corner: Italian garden II’ (1998)

Jack Strange

JAckStrange_Keep Going, Keep Growing, Keep Cutting, Keep Swimming’, 2009, Framed Artist's Nail Clippings on Paper

Jack Strange, ‘Keep Going, Keep Growing, Keep Cutting, Keep Swimming’ (2009)

Framed artist’s nail clippings on paper.

Evan Robarts

Evan Robarts, Recess, 2013

Evan Robarts, ‘Recess’ (2013)

Barbara Bloom

Barbara Bloom Goethe's Corridor, 1998

Barbara Bloom, ‘Goethe’s Corridor’ (1988)

Anne Speier

Anne Speier observing the observation of a conversation 2014

Anne Speier, ‘Observing the observation of a conversation’ (2014)

Mark Leckey

‘Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore’ (1999) by Mark Leckey.

Fragments of found video footage from nightclubs are spliced together, repeated, slowed down and edited into a filmed collage about British subcultures.

Barbara Bloom


Barbara Bloom, ‘Corner (Library)’ (1986)

Joshua Weibley

Joshua Weibley-Desktop1-2015

Joshua Weibley, ‘Desktop 1’ (2015)

Ger van Elk

Ger van Elk Piece made in one hour 1968

Ger van Elk, ‘Piece made in one hour’ (1968)