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Marisa Mertz

marisa mertz

Marisa Mertz, ‘Untitled’ (2011-2012)

Michael Van den Abeele


Michael Van den Abeele, ‘Verschijning van het zeldzame aan het veelvoorkomende’ (Appearance of the rare to the common) (2011)

John Everett Millais

John Everett Millais, ‘Twins (Grace and Kate Hoare)’ (1876)

Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson, ‘Breadface’ (2004)

Oil paint on cast plastic.

Amos Latteier



‘Calculator haikus’, by Amos Latteier

Latteier wrote haikus by using the numbers on calculators to form words and then turning the calculator upside down.

“The calculator vocabulary is rather limited. I have come up with 118 words. I wrote a program to search the dictionary and select words that can be spelled using the letters that can be formed on a calculator. Among these are such choice words as gigolo, besiege, and ghee.”

Here’s one:

“Illegible blob
Legless eggshell oozes oil
Elegize his loss

Hellish shoe is beige
I slosh soil, slog hill

Hobble, oh high heel”


Wilfredo Prieto

Afbeelding 18

‘Yes/no’ (2002)

Two fans, one moving up and down (YES) and one moving side to side (NO).
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Robert Gligorov


Robert Gligorov, ‘Art 4 oil’  (2006)

Found on new-art a while ago…

A few more works after the jump.

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Small oil disaster @ Cacaofabriek

I visited the Cacaofabriek in Helmond yesterday. One day earlier the road right next to the cacaofabriek collapsed under the weight of a huge construction machine, that happened to pass by. The machine hit a water pipe which caused the basement of the Cacaofabriek to be flooded with 200.000 liters of water. In that basement a work was installed by artist Hans van der Ham, that was partly made out of many liters of crude oil. The result was an amazing miniature oil disaster!


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