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Tom of Finland


Tom of Finland, untitled (1968)

Ed van der Elsken

ED VAN DER ELSKEN_Blotebillenharingkarklanten', strand van Zandvoort (1975)

Ed van der Elsken, ‘Blotebillenharingkarklanten’ (Barebuttherringcartcustomers), Zandvoort beach (1975)

Micaël Reynaud


by Micaël Reynaud

Letha Wilson


Letha Wilson, ‘Headlands Beach Concrete Fold’ (2014)

Valérie Mannaerts

vm 05 Oostduinkerke

vm 06 Oostduinkerke

vm 04 Oostduinkerke

Valérie Mannaerts, from the series ‘If travel is searching and home what’s been found’ (2009)

Gabriel Orozco


Gabriel Orozco, ‘Asterisms’ (2012)

Dennis Oppenheim

Oppenheim reading position for a second degree burn

‘Reading position for a second degree burn’ (1970) by Dennis Oppenheim

Mike Nelson


Mike Nelson, ‘Amnesiac Beach Fire’ (2007)


Aleksandra Mir

‘First woman on the moon’ (1999) by Aleksandra Mir.

Aleksandra Mir staged a moon landing on a Dutch beach, which she transformed into a moonscape for one day with the help of bulldozers. At sunset she climbed up on its highest peak, planted the American flag, opened a bottle of champagne and invited the audience to climb up and join her in the celebration.

Katerina Drzková

‘Tropical Beach’ (2007) (found postcards) by Katerina Drzková.

Katerina Drzkova has been systematically collecting pairs of the same picture-postcards from the 1960s to the 1980s. These postcards are never identical. They usually differ in several details in the picture. In ‘Tropical Beach’ a time shift of several minutes is visible. On each postcard a different photographer is stated; the post offices and the times when the postcards were sent are also varying. The addressee is the same person.