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Ross Taylor


Ross Taylor, ‘Wem-bley-mar-ket’ (2012)

Peter Coffin

‘Alphabet Rainbow’ (2014) by Peter Coffin.

Katinka Pilscheur

katinka_pilscheur-5-2006-1 2006

‘5-2006-1’ (2006) by Katinka Pilscheur

Cezary Bodzianowski


Cezary Bodzianowski, ‘Rainbow’ (1995)

Ryan Park

Untitled (2009) by Ryan Park

Alon Levin

Alon Levin, ‘Colour study of group behaviour and the need to control’

Joshua Callaghan

‘Lots of future shock’ (1995-2007) by Joshua Callaghan

Expanding collection of copies of Alvin Tofler’s book ‘Future Shock’.

Rainbow Conspiracy

What is oozing out of our ground?

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Aspen Mays


‘Einstein Rainbow 1’ (2009)


‘Every leaf from a tree’ (2009) by Aspen Mays.

The projects ‘Einstein Rainbow’ and ‘Every leaf on a tree’ by Aspen Mays are closely connected. For ‘Einstein Rainbow’ Mays collected every book about Einstein from all the college and university libraries of Illinois. She made a bookshelf in the shape of an arc and started to sort the books (over 1500) according to their color. Thinking about the linguistic connection between a leaf in a book and a leaf on a tree she decided, as a response to this project, to photograph every leaf on a tree next to her studio. This resulted in 900 prints of every single leaf. Both projects were presented together. See more images below.

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Frederik van Simaey

together we are one-man-wolf-port


Frederik van Simaey, excerpts from ‘Together we are one’.

Van Simaey’s work is on view from Friday 20hrs on until the 18th of April, during the exhibition ‘WHAT’S THE POINT OF GIVING YOU ANY MORE ARTWORKS?’

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