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Letha Wilson


Letha Wilson, ‘Headlands Beach Concrete Fold’ (2014)

Fleur van Dodewaard



#3 and #11 from the ‘Sun Set Series‘ (2011) by Fleur van Dodewaard.

Adam Parker Smith

Sunset Now«, 2008 by Adam Parker Smith

‘Sunset Now’ (2008) by Adam Parker Smith

Marijn van Kreij

‘Hey Hey, My My’ (2009) by Marijn van Kreij.

Julianne Swartz

‘(Moon Ocean)’ (2007) and ‘(Sunset Blue)’ (2007), from the ‘Placements’ series by Julianne Swartz

Adrien Missika

‘All sunset postcards available in Hawaii’ (2011) by Adrien Missika. (via)

Letha Wilson

‘Sunset Airplane Wilderness Ranch’ (2010) by Letha Wilson.

Joe Mckay

Joe Mckay, ‘Sunset Solitaire’

In this performance/video/game Mckay wrote a program and built custom hardware that allowed him to mix the sunset live. He then projected with a video projector, from his computer onto a garage in a field behind his studio. As the sun set behind the building he attempted to match the color of the sunset with the projector.

(Also, I want to share this with you: http://homepage.mac.com/joester5/art/gmail.html. A website, by Mckay, on how to remove targeted ads in Gmail.)

Spencer Finch

‘Sunset (St. Louis, July 31, 2008)’ (2008) by Spencer Finch

Claire L. Evans

‘Thank you for posting’ (2010) by Claire L. Evans.