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Van Heusen


1950s advertisement for Van Heusen shoes.

Marijke van Warmerdam


Marijke van Warmerdam, ‘Zoeken en vinden’ (2008)

William Basinski

William Basinski, ‘The Disintegration Loops’, performed live by The Wordless Music Orchestra, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY (2011)

Meriç Algün Ringborg



Meriç Algün Ringborg, ‘Ö (The Mutual Letter)’ (2011)

Since she moved to Stockholm in 2007, Algün Ringborg wanted to collect all the words that are exactly the same in Swedish and Turkish. The printed pieces take the form of a quite peculiar dictionary, consisting of the 1,270 identical words. Like Gonzalez-Torres’s “Untitled” (Passport), viewers will have the chance to take copies of this dictionary. The other part of the work consists of a two-hour audio recording of all of these words read by Algün Ringborg’s partner and herself.

Click here to listen to an excerpt from ‘Ö (The Mutual Letter)’

John Everett Millais

John Everett Millais, ‘Twins (Grace and Kate Hoare)’ (1876)

Raymond Queneau

Raymond Queneau, circa 1929