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Ad Rheinhardt



Ad Rheinhardt in his studio.

Aldo Rossi

aldo rossi_san cataldo cemetary

Aldo Rossi’s San Cataldo cemetery, a ‘City for the Dead’.

Construction began in 1978 and to this day stands at roughly fifty percent completion. The site was originally to contain the ossuary cube and a series of rib-like buildings, which terminated in a cone housing the communal graves.

Pilvi Takala

‘The Trainee’ (2008)  by Pilvi Takala.

For a month the artist worked at the marketing department of Deloitte as trainee “Johanna Takala”. She sits at her workstation all day doing nothing, becoming a source of speculation for the other employees.

Jan Huijben



Jan Huijben, ‘Sand Ball Sale’ (2013)

After this piece by David Hammons.

Gillian Wearing

'I signed on and they would not give me nothing' 1992-3 by Gillian Wearing OBE born 1963

‘I signed on and they would not give me nothing’ from the series ‘Signs that Say What You Want Them To Say and Not Signs that Say What Someone Else Wants You To Say’ (1992-1993) by Gillian Wearing.

Endre Tót


‘Hopes in the nothing’ (1994) by Endre Tót

Ben Skinner


Ben Skinner, ‘When I said nothing’, from the ‘Circles’ series (2011)

Francis Alÿs

‘Sometimes Making Something Leads to Nothing’ (1997) by Francis Alÿs.

Tomo Savic´-Gecan

Tomo Savic-Gecan, untitled (2007)

Roula Partheniou

‘Nothing to infinity’ (2008) by Roula Partheniou.

Canvases painted to resemble books (from the Handmade Readymade project).