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Jan Huijben



“I was a bartender for one night in my life when the restaurant where I worked as a dishwasher needed some extra hands for christmas night.

I had to divide my attention between the two recently divorced men attending my bar. one was over from the UK to visit his children, the other had just been kicked out by his wife. they both wanted to share their story so I only had half an ear for each of them.

For the event ‘Barwars’ manifestion at Extrapool, Nijmegen, I built a bar in a closet and made it really small, so that I could focus my entire attention on the needs of one customer at a time.”

‘One-man bar’ (2005) by Jan Huijben.

Jan Huijben


Flyer made by Jan Huijben, inspired by the xeroxed ads for African witch doctors that he often found in his mailbox. (2005)

Jan Huijben



Jan Huijben, ‘Sand Ball Sale’ (2013)

After this piece by David Hammons.

Jan Huijben


Jan Huijben, ‘Daarheen’ (‘That way’)

Jan Huijben


‘Sleep’ (2004) by Jan Huijben.

Jan Huijben took sleeping pills and slept inside the gallery space, throughout the opening of his exhibition.

Jan Huijben

‘Coca-Cola Kabbala’ (2012) by Jan Huijben

The kabbalistic symbol of the tree of life noticed in the pattern of the bottom of a Coca Cola crate.

Galerie Gallery @ Kunstvlaai / Artpie


Galerie Gallery presents at the Kunstvlaai / Artpie, Amsterdam.

Jan Huijben
Michiel Huijben
Simon Kentgens
Hedwig Houben

A small platform provides an overview of the artscene from up high. When you’re up you get a private performance/lecture by Hedwig Houben!

These are photo’s of the opening yesterday. Go see this until may 23!

More photo’s: Read More »

Jan Huijben

Jan Huijben, ‘untitled’, collage (2008)
“It’s not just about the journey you make, but also about the tracks you leave behind”