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David Shrigley

David Shrigley Untitled (I am glad) (2013)

David Shrigley, ‘Untitled (I am glad)’ (2013)

Marc Bijl


by Marc Bijl.

Esther Kläs

Esther Klaes

by Esther Kläs

Goran Trbuljak


Goran Trbuljak, Untitled, 2004 (1970 – now)

The total number of persons who have attended the openings of all Trbuljak’s individual exhibitions (those who have attended more than one opening have been counted once).

Martin Kippenberger

‘Yuppi Du’ from Martin Kippenberger‘s Muzik (1979-1995)

David Adamo

David Adamo


David Adamo, Untitled (set of 120 erasers) (2012)

Paint on unfired clay.

Ben Skinner


Ben Skinner, ‘When I said nothing’, from the ‘Circles’ series (2011)

Zhang Qiang

Zhang Qiang, ‘Duchamp’s Ferris Wheel’ (2011)

“Forever” Brand Bicycle, Cast Iron and Stool

Hanne Lippard

Hanne Lippard, ‘There are 36 ways to view Mount Fuji’ (2008)

In The Happy Hypocrite, Issue I – Linguistic Hardcore

Nedko Solakov

Nedko Solakov, from ‘Fears #84’ (2006 -07)