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Micaël Reynaud


by Micaël Reynaud

Luis Camnitzer

Luis-Camnitzer-the discovery of geometry-1978

Luis Camnitzer, ‘The discovery of geometry’ (1978)

Diego Santomé

diego-santome_Gravedad, tension-y-estabilidad-2012

Diego Santomé, ‘Gravedad, tension y estabilidad’ (2012)

Ger van Elk



‘La Pièce’ (1971), by Ger van Elk.

In 1971, Van Elk lacquered a small block of wood (7 x 9,5 cm) white, while on a boat in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, just West of Iceland, in the purest air in the world. It was exhibited in the group show ‘Sonsbeeck buiten de perken’. Van Elk considered it a “European answer” to the megalomaniac artworks that American artists like Richard Serra and Robert Smithson were showing there.

William Stone

William Stone Monumental, 2009

William Stone, ‘Monumental’ (2009)

Ryan De La Hoz

Ryan De La Hoz-black fax

Ryan De La Hoz, ‘Black Fax’

Simon Martin


Untitled (after Donald Judd) by Simon Martin

Timm Ulrichs

Timm Ulrichs, ‘Selbstauslöschung durch Malerei’ (‘Erasure of the self through painting’)

Francis Alÿs

‘Sometimes Making Something Leads to Nothing’ (1997) by Francis Alÿs.

Niek Kemps

Niek Kemps, Untitled (1982)