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Penny Andrea

Penny Andrea

‘Hi, I’m Jeff Koons’ by Penny Andrea

Guillaume Bijl


‘Matratzenland’ (2003) by Guillaume Bijl.

Virginia Overton

virginia_overton_Untitled (ladder), Sculpture Center, New York 2009

Virginia Overton, Untitled (ladder) (2009)

Sofia Hultén


‘No No No No No No’ (2011) by Sofia Hultén.

Mels Dees

MelsDees-monument sg01

‘Z.t. (Monument sacro-gastrale)’ (2005) by Mels Dees.

Johannes Vogl

Column of steam-Johannes Vogl-2011-big version_1

‘Dampfsäule / Column of steam’ (2011) by Johannes Vogl.

Dragoljub Rasa Todosijevic

Dragoljub Raša Todosijevic, ‘Balkan Banquet’ (2002) from the series ‘Gott liebt die Serben’

Fischli & Weiss

Untitled (Tate), by Fischli & Weiss was commissioned to form part of the opening displays of Tate Modern when it opened in 2000. Its collection of everyday objects, resembling a workshop, were each individually handmade and in part designed to mimic the working environment of the Tate Modern gallery prior to it’s opening.

Roula Partheniou

‘Nothing to infinity’ (2008) by Roula Partheniou.

Canvases painted to resemble books (from the Handmade Readymade project).

Marcel Duchamp


Marcel Duchamp, ‘Bottle rack’ (1914/64)

Original lost. Replica. Private collection.