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David Rickard

2015_we are all astronauts_06

‘We are all Astronauts’

2015_we are all astronauts_03

‘We are all Astronauts’ (French Polynesia) (2014-2015) by David Rickard.

Four corners, made of local sticks and string, placed on opposite spots in the world.

Art & Language

Mel Ramsden Secret painting 1967-1968

Art & Language, ‘Secret painting’ (1967-1968)

Julien Douvier


by Julien Douvier

Ad Rheinhardt



Ad Rheinhardt in his studio.

Maider López

Football-Field maider lopez

Maider López, ‘Football Field 1’, Sharjah Art Museum, United Arab Emirates (2007)

As part of the Sharjah Biennial, artist Maider López painted the lines of a soccer field red in a public square of Sharjah, adding goals on either end. Because pre-existing features such as benches and streetlamps were not altered, the square became a strange new site for football matches where spectators relaxed on benches inside the pitch at all hours.

Magnus Wallin

Magnus Wallin Method, 2011, 3 human skulls

Magnus Wallin Method, detail 2011, 3 human skulls

Magnus Wallin, ‘Method’ (2011)



Frozen fountain on Washington Boulevard, Detroit, around 1917.

Daan van Golden

Daan van Golden . Composition with blue square-1964

Daan van Golden, ‘Composition with blue square’ (1964)


William Pope.L

William Pope.L, ‘Tompkins Square Park Crawl’ (1991)

Watch the video here : https://vimeo.com/21785641