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Sarah Forrest

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 17.02.17

Sarah Forrest, ‘The Hook and The Artist’ (2009)

Michael Sailstorfer


Michael Sailstorfer, Popcorn machine (2009)

Francis Alÿs

‘Sometimes Making Something Leads to Nothing’ (1997) by Francis Alÿs.

Josh Shaddock


‘Object’ (2004) by Josh Shaddock

Tsuyoshi Anzai


‘No. 1 Massage Machine’ (2010) by Tsuyoshi Anzai.

This massage machine by Tsuyoshi Anzai is one of the many wonderful machines out of every day items he creates for his project Stop Make-ing Machine.
I selected a few below. See all of them on his website: Stop Make-ing Machine.

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