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Isaac Brest

isaac-brest-Installation view from Thank You in Advance @ Rodolphe Janssen-1

isaac-brest-Installation view from Thank You in Advance @ Rodolphe Janssen-2

Isaac Brest, installation view from ‘Thank you in advance’ at galerie Rodolphe Janssen.

Vikenti Komitski

Vikenti Komitski, ‘My Budget For This Exhibition’, 2009

Vikenti Komitski, ‘My Budget for this Exhibition’ (2009)

Yngve Holen

Yngve Holen, Parasagittal Brain, exhibition detail-2011

Detail from the exhibition ‘Parasagittal Brain’ (2011) by Yngve Holen.

Gregory Polony

gregory-polony_Untitled (6 Sockel) 2010

Gregory Polony, Untitled (6 Sockel) (2010)

Peter Saville


by Peter Saville

Erik Thys

Choral piece by Erik Thys, “Das Wunder des Lebens” (Canon for 6 voices), performed by Chor im Hemd, Andreas Salzbrunn.

Opening performance for the exhibition “Das Wunder des Lebens. Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys“, Kunsthalle Vienna, Feb. 6 2014.





Tercerunquinto, ‘Escultura publica en la periferia urbana de Monterrey’ (2006)

‘Escultura publica en la periferia urbana de Monterrey’ is a public sculpture on the periphery of the city of Monterrey. It consisted of a concrete foundation that was free to use by the people of Monterrey. Apart from being used as a platform for a political rally, it was transformed among others into a marketplace, a hangout, until eventually becoming claimed by a man who built his house on it. The house remains there to this day.

Yael Davids

Yael Davids, Cupboard, installation_performance, 1998-2

Yael Davids, Cupboard, installation_performance, 1998

Yael Davids, ‘Cupboard’ (1998)

Goran Trbuljak


Goran Trbuljak, Untitled, 2004 (1970 – now)

The total number of persons who have attended the openings of all Trbuljak’s individual exhibitions (those who have attended more than one opening have been counted once).

Stephan van den Burg


‘Full detail’ (2013) by Stephan van den Burg.