Monthly Archives: March 2011

Paul Chan

‘Oh why so serious? (2008) by Paul Chan

Jack Strange

Jack Strange‘s ‘Spinning beach ball of death’

Remember this?

Gavin Turk

’50/50′ (2007) by Gavin Turk.

An eternally spinning two pence coin on a table top.

Steven Emmanuel

‘Death and taxes’ by Steven Emmanuel

The work is a column made of one penny coins in an old WWII-bunker.

Ahmet Ögüt

‘Perfect lovers’ (2008) by Ahmet Ögüt.

A two Euro coin and a Turkish lira coin.


Send him your money‘ (2010)

On March 21st 1979, American Artist, Chris Burden made a live performance of ‘send me your money’ on KPFK radio in Los Angeles.”‘Send me your money” is a spoken word piece in which Burden asks listeners to send the artist some money to his address at 823 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, California 90291. (Listen to it here.)

Ahmet Ögüt has made a re-work of this 1979 piece, with only changing Burden’s address into his address in Amsterdam. (Listen here.)


“1 of 1000 ways to stabilise a wobbly table” (2010) by Ahmet Ögüt.

Dan Tague

Three images from Dan Tague‘s series ‘Cash rules everything around me’

Koshi Kawachi

‘OK’ ‘Give you’ (2010) by Koshi Kawachi.

Koshi Kawashi sanded down these cans only to leave out a small message of text. (via)

Leo Fitzmaurice

‘You’re beautiful I think’ by Leo Fitzmaurice

Joshua Callaghan

‘Lots of future shock’ (1995-2007) by Joshua Callaghan

Expanding collection of copies of Alvin Tofler’s book ‘Future Shock’.

Reynold Reynolds

‘The history of the future’ (1996) by Reynold Reynolds.

A review of our changing visions of the future as shown in over 50 films.